Peer Advisory Groups

100 Women in Finance was formed in 2001 with the vision that members and associates would contribute their talents, expertise and leadership toward the development and implementation of programs and services that enrich one another. Led by members of the Peer Engagement Committee, the 100 Women in Hedge Funds' Peer Advisory Groups are a direct extension of this vision. To date we have organized over 70 Peer Advisory Group events for over 250 senior practitioners.

The Peer Advisory Groups' mission is to create both an effective platform that leverages the experiences and collective wisdom and skills of our senior members by functional areas and an effective infrastructure in which these more tenured members can share such resources, ideas and visions with their peers.

  • NY COO/CFO Peer Advisory
  • US Foundations and Endowments Peer Advisory
  • NY Legal Peer Advisory
  • NY Investor Relations Peer Advisory
  • NY Operations Peer Advisory
  • NY Strategic Leaders Peer Advisory
  • NY Trader/Portfolio Management Peer Advisory
  • NY Risk PAG
  • NorCal IR PAG
  • London Business Development Peer Advisory
  • London Investor Peer Advisory
  • London Legal and Compliance Peer Advisory
  • London Portfolio Manager/Trader PAG

If you are interested in a Peer Advisory Group, please contact the Professional Peer Engagement Committee.